When should I start registering for my gifts?

We recommend starting to register 4-6 months before the wedding.

How do I know what to add to my registry?

First of all, pick items you are familiar with. Perhaps ones you grew up with. Secondly, pick items you know you will use.

How many items should I register for?

At Whisk'd, the number of items is endless! Keep in mind though, the space you will have in your kitchen might not accommodate everything. Therefore, choose wisely!

What is the most popular item on most registries from Whisk'd Lubbock?

Everything! But trending upward is the ever-so popular line of Mud Pie. And lots of gadgets!

Will someone be able to assist me with registering my products?

Yes of course! Diane Abbott, the owner, will personally assist you and create your bridal registry.